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Monday, November 26th 2007

10:07 AM

More Dragons

I've just accepted an offer from Berkley to continue the Dragon series, so the next book will be coming out... I'm not sure when, but soon. This one is tentatively titled Fire Dragon  and will be about a new dragon, a very rare species that can turn itself into fire. Caleb, Malcolm, Saba, Lisa, Axel, Carol, Ming Ue, and the others will be returning as well. Keep an eye on my Dragons Page to get details as I have them.

Meanwhile I'm working on yet another series--the first one is Mortal Temptations, which will be out from Berkley Heat next year. This is an erotic romance--I'm just goiing over the pages before I turn it in, and when I say erotic romance, I mean it! The heat level is on line with the Shareem books, and the heroes are pretty yummy.  I hope you like Nico and Andreas.

I'm buried in deadlines right now, but I hope to update my blogs and myspace pages soon. I did update the entire www.allysonjames.com website this weekend, so all that is info is current.

Take care, and hope everyone had a good T'giving!



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