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Sunday, October 14th 2007

3:50 PM

Good stuff for Double Trouble

I'm not sure why Double Trouble keeps showing up on the top 100 bestselling paranormal romances at Amazon (they call it "Fantasy, Futuristic & Ghost"--for reasons known only to them).

I mean, I don't mind! LOL, but it's very neat. For the last month or so, it keeps popping on and off the top 100 list, hanging out between 75 and 80 or so. Very cool! Thanks readers--and I hope you enjoy the book.

I don't have a lot of news to report except that The Black Dragon is almost out--only three more weeks! I've been mostly keeping my head down writing like a fiend. I went through my "forthcoming" list over at my Jennifer Ashley site (www.jennifersromances.com/forthcoming.html) and see that I have 2008 pretty much booked up and on into 2009. (My EC releases aren't there, because I don't always know very far ahead of time when the pub. dates are).

Hope everyone's having a good weekend!!




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