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Friday, September 7th 2007

10:04 AM

News and Things

I'm not a blog slacker, really, I've just spent the past month banging away at more books!

The first good news is that Double Trouble is now in stock at Amazon.com (finally...)

Second is that I have a pub date for my next EC book: December 7, 2007. Cool cover below (I love it!) Not a Shareem, this time--I wanted to try my hand at a werewolf story.

Third--one of the deadlines I was banging away on is an anthology for Berkley Heat called Private Places which will be out in August 2008. This anthology also has stories by Robin Schone, Claudia Dain, and Shiloh Walker. (If you haven't read Claudia Dain, she writes intense historicals. We've been friends for a while; I just love her.)

I love flashy covers, so here's the latest EC one:

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